Gift Wrapping

We are very passionate about making gifts look great!  We do that by working with each customer to customize the wrapping so that each gift perfectly fits the occasion and sentiment.  We can assist with wrapping for any occasions, corporate wrapping, birthdays, weddings and more!

We are located in North Mississauga (near Britannia & Ninth Line) and work on an appointment basis only.  The gifts are normally dropped off at our location and picked up the following day, but we can occasionally offer a quicker turnaround if required. 

Need some wrapping inspiration or assistance, reach out to us at, or 416 885 3640, or by clicking here.

Our standard wrapping services are:

Regular Wrapping   (includes the wrapping paper, tissue paper, and a bow)

Deluxe Wrapping    (includes the wrapping paper, tissue paper, and an upgraded bow or adornment)

(Specialty Wrapping is available upon request)

See the FAQ for more detailed information about wrapping pricing.